Stair climbing as a workout

I tore my calf muscle back in November and lost 6 weeks of running then got back to running and got myself up to 2 hours of running. Feeling really good about my running base in April and then had another episode in April where I re-injured the muscle. Now I’m worried about the narrow timeline as I have to run a marathon off the bike at Challenge Roth Germany and not sure if I can. Once you’re on the run there is no hiding in the bushes hopping it will get better, I’m exposed. So I had a chat with my coach and she says what worked for her and would work for me is “climb stairs”

Really, I thought, “climb stairs”, How many I asked, as many as you can, start with 800 or so at a time. Wow, that’s like climbing the Calgary Tower. Ok so I tried it. Since April I’ve climbed 10 Calgary Towers and I’m back to running. WooHoo!!!


My fund raising efforts are now at just under $1000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Please help and donate. Thank you.

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