Check out our calculators and use the one that best suits your needs.

RRSP Calculator
Calculate how much you will need to save between now and the day you retire.

RESP Calculator
Discover how much your money can grow in an RESP with the added contributions from the Canadian Education Savings Grant. This tool also help you figure out how much you will need to save for your children’s education.

RRSP Illustrator
Get a personalized assessment of the tax benefits you gain by investing in your RRSP.

RRSP Loan Planner
Find out how an RRSP loan could help boost your income at retirement.

Advantage of Early Investing
Learn the importance of investing early and on a regular basis.

Registered vs. Non-Registered Investing
Weigh the benefits of registered versus non-registered growth.

Investment & Regular Deposit
See how your one time investment or regular deposit program will grow over the years.

Investment & Regular Withdrawal
Calculate the regular income stream generated by your non-registered investment.

RIF/LIF/LRIF Calculator
Find out how much income your Registered Savings plan will generate in retirement.

Cash Flow Illustrator
The first step in building a wise financial plan is determining your family’s income and expenses. This tool makes it easy.

Net Worth Illustrator
Complete your personal financial picture by pin pointing your personal assets and liabilities.

Mortgage Qualifier
Thinking about buying a home but don’t know whether you would qualify for a mortgage? Use this calculator to find out how much you could qualify for and what your monthly payments would be.

Mortgage and Loan Amortization Scheduler
Want to know how much your mortgage will actually cost you? This easy to use tool provides a detailed payment schedule for your mortgage or loan based on the mortgage or loan amount, payment frequency, interest rate and the amortization period information you provide.

Debt Consolidator
Looking to consolidate your high interest debt into one easy to manage payment? This calculator can show you how much you might save by consolidating your debt at a lower interest rate.

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*The rate of return or mathematical table shown is used only to illustrate the effects of the compound growth rate and is not intended to reflect future values of a mutual fund or asset allocation service, or returns on investment in a mutual fund or from the use of an asset allocation service.